Mandatory Rec Sports Parent Meeting

The Pulaski County Parks and Recreation team strives to create a positive and wholesome environment for our youth recreational sports that focuses on safety, fundamentals, and having fun. 

As we continuously evolve, and partner with experts in the field, we will begin holding an mandatory parent/guardian meeting at the beginning of each sporting season.   For your convenience, we will offer three (3) meeting dates for parents/guardians of 2023 youth sport participants at the start of each season. This brief meeting will focus on code of conduct expectations for coaches, parents, volunteers, and our youth athletes.  Each household will need to ensure the attendance of one parent/guardian.  Once attended, all youth sport participants within the household will receive credit for one full year.

Please see below for meeting options for the launch of Fall, 2023 sports. You will only need to select and attend one of the meeting times offered. 

(3) In Person Mandatory Meeting Date Options

July 31st  6:00 - 7:00 PM

August 2nd  6:00 - 7:00 PM

August 5th   10:00 - 11:00 AM

Location:  Pulaski County High School - Little Theatre

    5414 Cougar Trail Road

    Dublin, Virginia 24084

Important Notes:

  • Once a parent/guardian has attended a mandatory meeting, the requirement will be satisfied for all youth residing within that household for one full year.

  • When a mandatory meeting is attended by a parent/guardian, an attestation of attendance will be signed.  A member of our staff will upload into the Parks and Rec online registration system for future reference.

  • Players will not be placed on a Parks and Rec sports team roster until our staff have verified attendance of a parent/guardian within the last 365 days.

  • Parents/guardians do not need to attend this meeting at the beginning of each sporting season.  They must only ensure the attendance requirement has been met in the last 365 days.  You may call our office at 540.674.1513 to verify your last date of attendance as needed.

  • Unless you attended a Winter, 2022 parent meeting, Parents/Guardians of youth participating in Spring, 2023 sports  MUST attend one of the three meeting dates provided in this notice

  •  Parents/Guardians of youth participating in sports later in the 2023 year may choose to attend the Fall 2023 meeting offering OR wait until the next meeting dates are offered at the beginning of future seasons.

Please contact the Parks and Rec Department with additional questions. 

C.J. Burgis, Sports Coordinator



Shay Dunnigan, Director of Parks and Recreation


We appreciate your support of our continued commitment to creating a wholesome experience for those serving and participating in the Pulaski County Parks and Rec programs.